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This page is for the use of those who want to print the Foothill Curators brochure "A Guide to the Locations and Operating Hours of the Historical Museums of the San Gabriel Valley".

You can also use this page to see the museums' web sites. First, click on the right-hand thumbnail (below) to view the "pdf" image of the inside table in the brochure. The image on your monitor will have links to bring you to museums on the web.

The brochure is only as accurate as the information that the various museums choose to share, so if there is any error in any of the information, please e-mail your corrections and comments.

We used to distribute hard copies of this brochure for local reproduction and distribution, but now we'll make it available over the Internet in Portable Document Format---pdf. Once you have downloaded the two files, one the outside (the cover) and one the inside (the table of museum data) you'll be able to print one or more hard copies to reproduce in your printer or copier.

To print one or more copies, download the file, open it in Adobe Reader, click File/Print. Then under Page Scaling" (at least in Adobe Reader 7.0; We haven't checked earlier versions of Reader) click "None".

To download the files, right-click the images and left-click "Save Target [or Picture] As" and indicate the place where you want the files to go.